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Backhaul Revamp: Making networks future-ready
The accelerated roll-out of high speed data services and the surge in data traffic has made backhaul revamping a key priority for operators.
Hybrid Backhaul: Exploring advanced systems for a data-driven future
It is no secret that data traffic is skyrocketing. Increased access to the internet through smartphones and applications such as video streaming is already putting a huge strain on 4G networks.
Building a Backhaul Mix: Key to optimising costs and capacity
The two primary ingredients of a mobile broadband business case are spectrum and backhaul. Once operators have sufficient spectrum in the bands of their choice, the next critical decision to maintain the user experience is the backhaul design and capacity.
Fibre for 5G: Need for compatible backhaul infrastructure
Globally, 5G technology is gaining significant traction even as countries are witnessing increasing 4G deployments. Some of the leading telecom operators are exploring the commercial viability of 5G technology.
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