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Operators assess technology options
The June 2010 broadband wireless access (BWA) auction for two slots of pan-Indian licences of 20 MHz in each circle was a milestone for the Indian telecom industry besides adding Rs 385.4 billion to the government’s coffers.
Key advantages and challenges of Wi-Max and LTE TDD
With the growth of mobile broadband services across the globe, the two technologies that have come up on the industry’s radar to meet the demand for higher speeds and mobile broadband are Wi-Max and long term evolution time division duplex…
Wi-Max gets a headstart, LTE likely to pick up pace
The telecom sector is witnessing exponential growth in mobile broadband traffic and subscriptions globally, with small- and large-screen data-enabled devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablet computers gaining popularity worldwide.
Spectrum Setback - Limited Wi-Max rollout in India
i W3 t th the government postponing the 3G and Wi-Max spectrum auctions yet again, the much-awaited Wi-Max revolution has suffered another setback. Fast gaining popularity in coun- tries like the US,
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