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Agilent Technologies' view on T&M in India
'Over the past couple of years, India’s telecom sector has been witnessing a rapid growth in investments in testing and measurement (T&M).
Evolving needs in T&M space
Testing is a complex and demanding process requiring overall systems expertise and effective integration of test results.
Fixed vs mobile broadband
As the broadband revolution continues to intensify, technologies – both wireless and wireline – have been undergoing continuous evolution to meet the increasing requirements for bandwidth-intensive applications that have resulted in a strong demand for higher broadband bandwidth provisioning.
3G: Key advantages and challenges
3G, which brings together the rapidly growing mobile and internet sectors, has witnessed increased adoption in developed markets over the past few years.
TV Technologies: Key options to deliver television services
With internet protocol television (IPTV) and mobile TV deployments taking off around the globe with digital video broadcast transmission to handheld (DVB-H) and other tech- nologies, operators are now looking at different methods of optimising the transmission networks.
Wi-Max: A promising future
W-Max technology, based on a set of global standards covering fixed, portable and mobile deployments on an open network, is a wireless digital communications system intended for use in wireless metropolitan area networks.
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