GSMA releases the “Licensing to Support the Mobile Broadband Revolution” report

News , May 16, 2012

The GSMA has released a report, “Licensing to Support the Mobile Broadband Revolution”.

The GSMA has commissioned this report to examine the experience with mobile spectrum licensing around the globe to date and draw out the lessons for policy. A key focus is on what works well in emerging markets and how the lessons can be applied to the additional spectrum to be allocated over the new few years. Choosing the correct spectrum policy will be particularly important in emerging markets where mobile services can be expected to provide the principal access to high-speed data, as they have with voice.

The key recommendations in relation to reforming the overall licensing framework include:

- establishing and adequately resourcing an independent regulator with responsibility for operator and spectrum licensing among other matters;

- announcing in advance a long term plan for reform of the spectrum and operating licensing framework;

- facilitating international harmonisation so that equipment and devices use the same frequency bands to support international roaming and enable the realisation of scale economies in manufacture;

- publicly setting out the criteria and process to be followed in licensing decisions and including public written consultation in advance of key decisions being made with both consultation responses and the assessment of input in reaching final decision being published;

- clearly defined spectrum rights that are backed up by a robust compliance/enforcement regime;

- taking a holistic approach to licensing that ensures that the overall package enables the ongoing development of the mobile industry (including a process for the renewal of licences at their expiry); and

- taking into account investors, legitimate expectations and providing compensation mechanisms where decisions are made in conflict with those expectations.

The report is attached below


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