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MRO-TEK launches Greenbox

January 07, 2011
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The R&D lab of Bangalore-based MRO-TEK, has come up with an indigenous product – the Greenbox, a broadband network infrastructure which extends the bandwidth capacity of the network using cost effective means that use minimal energy waste. This innovation is sure to revolutionize the world of Last Mile Ethernet services.

With the tremendous speed of globalization, shrinking distances and climatic turbulence, two challenges which will define all technology developed in this century are based on either ‘making network bandwidth ubiquitous’ or ‘going green’. In an unprecedented attempt, this technological breakthrough by the team at MRO-TEK, has managed to address these challenges together.

Greenbox is the first of its kind of device, which will be able to extend 100Mbps Ethernet connectivity from the existing distance of 100 m to 700 m. What makes this technology even more exclusive is that the technology embedded in Greenbox, allows it to remotely power the CPE’s, thus extending Power-over-Ethernet to 700m.

This massive extension in the reach of Ethernet, beyond the existing 100 m hurdle, will ease the complexities involved in building network infrastructure at the last mile. Since the CPE’s will not require a local power supply, the implementation is easier and avoids the extra power and heat dissipation involved in current systems.

We will now be able to get the remote and inaccessible blind spots into the realms of connectivity, by being able to power on, for instance, wireless access points, in regions where it has been infeasible so far.

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