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Emerson Network Power unveils data center infrastructure management solution

October 05, 2010
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Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson has introduced Avocent Data Center Planner, a visual infrastructure planning and management software solution within Emerson Network Power’s strategic framework for data center optimsation.

An upgrade to the former Avocent Mergepoint Infrastructure Explorer, Avocent Data Center Planner provides data center management with accurate and complete information about where devices and equipment are located, their current capacities and projected growth. New and enhanced features include the simplified interfaces and templates that enable efficient planning and execution of data center changes. This industry leading capability is unmatched in the market and improves operational metrics across the organisation.

Commenting on the occasion, Sandeep Nair, managing director and president, Emerson Network Power in India said “Enhancing our datacenter cooling and power solutions with the ability to access performance information of physical infrastructure has created a robust combination for the Indian market. Avocent Data Center Planner will allow us to add value to our customers’ business by enhancing energy and operational efficiency while improving availability.”

Under constant pressure to control costs while maintaining efficiency and availability, Emerson Network Power’s data center infrastructure management solution enables IT users to improve energy efficiency through the visualisation of data center growth. The unique rack timeline capabilities offer insight into exactly when and how rack capacity will be impacted by changes over time. Data center managers can know “at a glance” the current and future capacities within a rack.

Extending the global reach and breadth of Emerson Network Power’s data center infrastructure management solutions, Avocent Data Center Planner offers localization support for Japanese, Chinese, German, Russian and French.

Additional Avocent Data Center Planner benefits include:

·         Planning: Users will benefit from a drag-and-drop interface, the ability to view multiple plans from a single screen and visibility into projects across departments, resulting in increased organization and the ability to view the impact of changes before they occur.

·         Visualisation: The customisable, user-friendly interface updates graphics as equipment is installed, decommissioned or moved within the infrastructure. The modeling capability also includes a rich device symbol library that includes all pertinent information from the manufacturer.

·         Inventory: On-demand access to asset information enables the user to easily identify the assets that are in production and those that are on the move, while the single repository frees up resources and improves management efficiency by eliminating the need to conduct labor-intensive audits and update multiple spreadsheets.


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