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Sony Ericsson launches 'LiveView'

September 29, 2010
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Sony Ericsson announced the launch of LiveView, an innovative accessory, which will use open Android platform to enhance consumers’ mobile phone experience. LiveView is a part of Sony Ericsson’s Extras portfolio, a division which offers total product experience and enhanced mobile possibilities.


LiveView uses Bluetooth connectivity to wirelessly pair up with a compatible handset, which allows consumers to control their phone without taking it out of their pocket or handbag. They can read text messages, see incoming calls and keep up to date with the latest news on various social networking sites.


Users can also select different music tracks and adjust volume using the micro display. The product also serves as a reminder, displaying calendar events and other phone applications.


Whether on the go, in a meeting or out for dinner, this micro device – which can be clipped to the shirt or attached to the watch strap – will help the user to always stay connected.


Peter Ang, Vice President, Marketing, Asia Pacific region, Sony Ericsson said: “It is our ambition to be the best communication entertainment brand, which also entails being open to different technologies and innovations. We believe in offering consumers a wide range of applications to choose from. So, we will continue to develop accessories to ensure we play a major and groundbreaking role in the market, and design the most innovative and exciting accessories for all platforms, including Android.”


He continued, “LiveView is the first Sony Ericsson accessory, which is compatible with the open Android platform and that gives developers an opportunity to be creative and develop the next must-have innovative application.”


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