Vodafone Idea initiates pilot to deploy Optiva charging engine BSS solution

News , October 23, 2019

Optiva has announced that Vodafone Idea Limited (VIL) has initiated a pilot to deploy its Optiva Charging Engine BSS solution on VIL’s universal cloud.

Committed to delivering a rich customer experience while building a robust, future-ready (5G) network, Vodafone Idea is partnering with the best global vendors and equipment suppliers to deploy new age technologies with built-in customisations and novel innovations.

The pilot to deploy Optiva Charging Engine BSS solution on VIL’s universal cloud is aligned with the focus of Vodafone Idea. The pilot design includes a two-step process — first on a Kubernetes-enabled private cloud and then an option for a future, second step on a public cloud platform.

An efficient and cost-effective innovation, successful commercial deployment of the public cloud solution has the potential to offer 10 times increased speed and scale at a fraction of the cost of conventional solutions currently available. Further, there will be no change to upgrade or re-platform while transitioning from a private cloud to a public cloud whenever required.

“We are delighted that Vodafone Idea has selected Optiva. We look forward to supporting them in their strategic initiative of building a future-ready, agile and scalable network that is robust and efficient to run,” said Danielle Royston, CEO of Optiva.


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