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STL partners with Frogfoot to bring affordable broadband connectivity to 20,000 homes in Soweta, Johannesburg

October 04, 2019
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STL has entered into a technology partnership with South Africa’s Frogfoot to provide Fibre To The Home (FTTH) infrastructure in Soweto. With this partnership, Frogfoot, an open-access fibre network provider, will use STL’s innovative connectivity solutions to enable affordable, reliable broadband connectivity to up to 20,000 homes and lower income groups in the Protea Glen East and West areas of the South African township of Soweto.

The collaboration comes on the heels of President Cyril Ramaphosa appointing a Commission on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). Affordable high-speed broadband connectivity is a key to 4IR and can play an important role in propelling the country towards a connected society.

Frogfoot will utilise STL’s Air-blown FTTH solution, a cutting-edge solution ideal for space constrained fibre deployment, to bring FTTH to Johannesburg. It will see the benefits of lower costs and faster time to market, while providing affordable fibre connectivity to users. Traditional cabling solutions require up to 25 per cent more space and cost more. STL’s solution aims at considerably reducing installation costs, thus passing on cost benefits to end users.

Commenting on the development, Abraham van der Merwe, founder and CEO of Frogfoot, said “Working with STL enables us to add advanced capabilities to our FTTH infrastructure rollout and strengthen our commitment to offer the most reliable broadband connectivity at affordable total cost of ownership.” “As we deploy, STL will continue to be an invaluable strategic partner providing innovative solutions and deep knowledge of data network solutions.”

Customised for faster and efficient FTTH deployment, STL’s innovative Air-blown solution offers a unique combination of five key benefits:

NextGen cable design helps air-blown solution fit in smallest micro ducts, just five mm in diameter, making it future-ready for upcoming data demands and enabling easier right of way for operators

Re-engineered outer coating helps achieve nearly two times faster cable blowing compared to traditional cables, ensuring faster time-to-market

Best-in-class compact fibre packing and crush resistance provides utmost durability, making the solution suitable for metro FTTH premise deployment

Available in fibre counts ranging from 4 to 24, which is ideal for different FTTH network architectures

Compatible with existing tools and easy to handle due to lightweight cable design

Further, Richard Eichhorn, Director Global Sales, Connectivity solutions, STL, added “We, at STL, have always been committed to empower people through our innovative solutions.” “Our FTTH solution is ideal for space constrained fibre deployment and makes broadband affordable through its cutting-edge features. We are sure our joint efforts will benefit thousands of people.”

STL’s Air-blown premise cabling solutions ensure affordable fibre connectivity in lower income groups, and ensures that more people have access to education, skills development and training materials online.

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