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Smartphone shipments in India slip marginally to 33 million units in Q2 2019, says Canalys

July 30, 2019
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According to a report by Canalys, smartphone shipments in India have declined by 0.5 per cent from a total of 33.1 million units shipped during the second quarter of 2018 to 33 million units being shipped during the second quarter of 2019.

It further added that the marginal fall was witnessed as feature phone users refrained from upgrading to smartphones. However, the decline is not a cause of worry, Canalys said.

As per the report, Xiaomi is leading the market with 10.3 million units being shipped and 31 per cent market share, followed by Samsung with 7.3 million units and 22 per cent share during the quarter. Meanwhile, Vivo shipped 5.8 million units and had a market share of 18 per cent, followed by Oppo with 3 million units shipped and 9 per cent market share and Realme at 2.7 million units and 8 per cent market share.

Canalys stated that the market continues to consolidate about the top-five vendors with these players accounting for 88 per cent of the market during the quarter, compared to 80 per cent share in the year-ago period.

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