Pramod Goel, Vice-President, In-Building Connectivity Solutions, iBus Networks

People , July 10, 2019

Pramod Goel has 20 years of experience in the Indian telecom sector. He has worked across wireless, broadband as well as telecom infrastructure domains and has been associated with companies like Bharti Airtel, Reliance Communications, Ascend Telecom and American Towers Corporation in various capacities. In his current role as the vice-president, in-building connectivity solutions at iBus Networks, he is responsible for  P&L and oversees  builder acquisition, telco relationship management, project deployment and mitigation, billing and revenue assurance, as well as providing strategic inputs to executive management on the telecom sector trends.

iBus as an in-door connectivity technology company offers solution to multi dimensional connectivity problems in-door. Currently, solutions such as DAS, broad band/WiFi, offline ad tech and IoT are being either not being provided or poorly integrated. iBus offers a common connectivity platform that addresses use cases DAS, broadband, IoT  and digital technologies

The convergence of media and communications has been part of strategic initiatives of telecom operators since launch of 4G and now the impending roll out of 5G. With exponential adoption of digital services in India, both by consumers and enterprises, use cases like OTT, omni channel experiences and IoT communications are being identified as sources of revenue growth for telecom companies and create environment for indoor telecom infra sharing.

The favourable view of regulators to distinguish between access spectrum and back haul spectrum such as E and V bands would provide opportunities to deliver greater value in dense urban environments.

Through In Building Solution (IBS) iBus is focused on offering seamless2G/3G/4G and digital connectivity indoor solutions for large IT parks & SEZ’s, Malls, 5*hotels and hospitals by creating a common shareable telecom infrastructure under license from DoT and MSA’s with TSP’s.

Considering selective deployment of IBS by operators currently as TSP’s YoY AOP still primarily focused towards outdoor deployment, Goel foresees an immense opportunity in this space. “Considering total IBS deployment by TSP’s /IP-1 is under 5 per cent with IBS solutions deployed at not more than 25,000 buildings as against 500,000+ shared tower sites in the country while changing trends of the indoor traffic generation having reached at over 75 per cent and increasing data traffic on account of content availability and business continuity applications and the advent of 5G would create passive and active sharing planned growth of 5,000-10,000 shared IBS sites per year,” he says.

Goel considers his role at iBus as the most exciting one, as it offers a challenging environment for competing with some of the large infrastructure providers (IP-1) and by conceptualizing builders and developers, corporate houses about overall alignment of regulation with technological shift augurs well for a profitable growth of the sector and offering  better returns on investment for our investors. “Active sharing of IBS and regulatory concerns have to be further facilitated by TRAI and the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) for multi-operator connectivity to IBS sites”, he adds.

As for his management style, Goel believes in following a hands-on, data-driven and assertive approach. He considers his sustained and relentless focus and passion in executing business plans as his biggest strength.

Goel holds a bachelor’s degree in electronics instrumentation. In his spare time, he enjoys socializing with industry peers and experts and reading articles on new telecom trends and technologies. His family comprises his wife, who is a school teacher, and their two children. “My daughter has a BBA degree in travel and tourism and has been working for the past one year, while my son is pursuing his final year MBA in sports management.”


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