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India ranked among top 20 nations in AI readiness index, says IDRC and Oxford Insights

May 24, 2019
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India is positioned at the 19th spot in the artificial intelligence (AI) readiness ranking published by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and Oxford Insights.

The ranking has been released after examining 194 countries worldwide, considering their governance, skills, education, infrastructure, data and government and municipal services to gauge their preparedness for the potentially transformative impacts of AI. The ranking is dominated by countries with strong economies, robust data infrastructure and strong systems of governance.

The index covers 54 governments across the Asia-Pacific region. While Singapore has been ranked first globally, Japan has been ranked 10 in terms of AI readiness. Further, North Korea and Micronesia are listed among the bottom ten countries as per the IDRC and Oxford Insights ranking. According to the two organisations, this is indicative of the uneven progress in terms of government readiness and adoption of AI across the Asia-Pacific region. However, many governments in the region have started working to develop national plans for accelerating AI adoption.


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