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Indian users spend over 10 hours on their devices per day, says study

April 24, 2019
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According to a survey by Adobe, Indian users spend over 10 hours on their devices per day. This reflects the changing content consumption habits. The company also discovered that two-third of those surveyed were using two devices at the same time constantly or frequently.

The survey results pointed out that over 400 million millennials in India choose trustworthy brands that respect their privacy primarily.

Further, two-thirds of India's digital users, especially those aged between 23 and 49, are comfortable making unplanned purchases from a brand.

Also, around 69 per cent users in the country prefer online marketplaces for purchasing products.

As per the survey, while 49 per cent people visit a brand's website to buy products, 31 per cent people make purchases via physical stores and 28 per cent Indians use smart speakers and voice assistants to make purchases.

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