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60 per cent organisations in India are concerned with cybersecurity threats, says study

April 18, 2019
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According to a new report by Accenture, over 60 per cent organisations in India are concerned with cybersecurity threats and are unsure as to how to address these. Moreover, around 77 per cent organisations are of the view that the advancement of the digital economy will be severely hindered unless there is significant improvement in internet security.

The report also highlighted that companies across the globe might incur $5.2 trillion in additional costs and lost revenue over the next five years due to cyber attacks.

Further, 60 per cent of Indian enterprises believe that addressing cybersecurity challenges requires organised group effort, as no single organisation can solve the challenge on its own. In addition, around 69 per cent of executives are willing to welcome stricter business regulations.

The report is based on a survey conducted for more than 1,700 CEOs and other C-suite executives around the globe, including 100 respondents from large enterprises in India.

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