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79 per cent Indian firms lack cybersecurity incident response plan, says IBM study

April 12, 2019
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According to a new study released by IBM, nearly 79 per cent of Indian firms do not have a cybersecurity incident response plan (CSIRP) in place.

The study conducted by US-based Ponemon Institute on behalf of IBM Security revealed that during the past two years, 51 per cent of Indian organisations surveyed experienced a data breach and 56 per cent experienced a cybersecurity incident. Out of the organisations that do have a CSIRP in place, 57 per cent do not test plans regularly or at all. Moreover, only 23 per cent reported using automation significantly in their organisation, the study said.

Commenting on this, Vaidyanathan Iyer, Security Software Leader, IBM India/South Asia quotes: ''In India, Incident Response (IR) strategy is at a nascent stage and organizations are beginning to conceive this as an integral part of risk mitigation and resilience plan. Majority of the respondents surveyed in India do not yet have a plan in place, but are in active pursuit of the same. The driving factors for this are the pace of digital transformation which has necessitated a revamp of the business resilience and continuity plans. Considering the lack of a well developed and tested IR platform in an organizations' cyber resiliency strategy, enterprises need to evaluate and implement the right tools at the earliest. The IR platform needs to be integrated with the overall Cyber Security Framework of the organization to ensure a real time response. AI, Cognitive and ML tools integrated with the IR Platform, shifts the traditional security posture to a Cognitive next generation Security Operations Center (SOC) and this is the ideal approach to a holistic cyber resiliency strategy."

Globally, 77 per cent of respondents indicated they do not have a CSIRP applied consistently across the enterprise as per the study. Only 30 per cent respondents reported that staffing for cybersecurity is sufficient to achieve a high level of cyber resilience while 62 per cent indicated that aligning privacy and cybersecurity roles is essential to achieve cyber resilience within their organisations.

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