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Dhanband, Ranchi and Srinagar among top Indian cities in 4G availability, says Opensignal report

March 28, 2019
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According to a report by Opensignal, Dhanbad, Ranchi and Srinagar have featured among the top Indian cities in terms of 4G availability.

The company analysed 50 of India's largest cities by their 4G availability, based on a combined score for all telcos that operate 4G network in those cities for the period between November 2018 and January 30, 2019.

As per the report, all of the 50 Indian cities measured scored over 87 per cent in terms of 4G availability. Dhanbad scored 95.3 per cent as per Opensignal’s measurements, followed by its neighbor Ranchi which scored 95 per cent, while Srinagar, one of India's remotest cities, came in the third spot, with a score of 94.9 per cent. In the fourth place came Raipur with a score of 94.8 per cent, followed by Patna with 94.5 per cent 4Gavailability.

Among India's largest cities, Delhi and Mumbai were in the lower half of the table, behind Hyderabad. Bangalore was mid-table with a 4G availability of 92.3 per cent, while Ahmedabad scored 92.7 per cent.

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