Vinod Kumar, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer, Oxigen Services

People , September 27, 2018

Vinod Kumar, deputy chief information security officer (CISO), Oxigen Services believes that customer data and intellectual property are evolving significantly and, in turn, inviting new forms of information theft. As a result, the role of a CISO within an organisation has become more strategic and is moving beyond compliance monitoring, towards creating a culture of shared cyber risk ownership. “However, many business units still view security as a roadblock rather than as a partner. Various incidents in the recent past have made it clear that information and cybersecurity are not just technical issues anymore. Security projects must be backed by the companies’ management,” he says.


Kumar has 12 years of experience in information technology in the network and security domain. At Oxigen, he is responsible for handling several key areas that include ensuring regulatory compliance, conducting internal information security audits, monitoring incidents and managing security operations, conducting information security awareness sessions for employees, and risk and fraud control management for all B2C and B2B transactions.

Talking about cyberattacks in the digital payments space, Kumar believes that it is the responsibility of the payment service providers and regulatory authorities to create a robust application that is simple but can withstand any contemporary cyberattack. He further adds that the need for cybersecurity user awareness is becoming increasingly important. Customers must also be cautious about safety when conducting digital transactions.

Respect for time, his practical nature and logical thinking are Kumar’s biggest strengths. As a manager, he believes in empowering his team members and not micromanaging them. He considers his career shift towards fraud handling and risk control management a positive one. “Technical understanding of transaction systems, customer behaviour analysis and interaction with people involved in minimising such frauds helped me learn how to incorporate my security knowledge into fraud control management,” he says.

A computer applications graduate from Kurukshetra University, Kumar also has several professional certifications such as ISO 27001 (Lead Implementer), Certified Ethical Hacker and Cisco Certified Network Associate. He loves to spend time with family and friends. His wife, Sonia Sharma, is a supply chain professional with a pharmaceuticals company. They have two daughters aged ten and five.



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