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Data privacy and cyber security biggest concerns for Indian businesses, says Dell survey

September 26, 2018
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According to a recent survey conducted by Dell Technologies in collaboration with Intel, almost 50 per cent of Indian businesses consider data privacy and cyber security issues as the biggest road blocks to digital transformation and believe that they will struggle to meet changing customer demands within five years.

The remaining 50 per cent of Indian businesses believe that they will disrupt rather than be disrupted.

As per the survey, 93 per cent of Indian businesses are facing major barriers to digital transformation. Of all the barriers, the top five are - data privacy and cybersecurity concerns, regulation or legislative changes, lack of the required in-house skill sets and expertise, information overload and weak digital governance and structure. The survey further noted that nearly 12 per cent of Indian businesses are digital leaders. This is 5 per cent more than the percentage of digital leaders in China.

The survey conducted by Dell Technologies and Intel covered business leaders from 42 countries and benchmarked 4,600 businesses.

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