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Robotics will take over more than 50% of human tasks by 2025, says WEF

September 17, 2018
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According to a new research by the World Economic Forum (WEF), more than half of all the existing workplace tasks will be performed by machines by 2025. However, in terms of overall numbers of new jobs the outlook is largely positive as adoption of automation and robotics will create 58 million net new jobs.

The survey covered over 300 global companies from a different industry sectors.

As per the companies that were surveyed, 71 per cent of total current task hours are performed by humans and only 29 per cent is performed by machines. According to WEF projections, this division of work will shift to 58 per cent task hours performed by humans and 42 per cent by machines by 2025.

Some of the key roles that will witness a surge in demand across all industries are data analysts and scientists, software and applications developers, e-commerce and social media specialists.

WEF noted that roles that distinctly leverage human skills are also expected to see an increase in demand. These include - sales and marketing professions, innovation managers and customer service workers among others. Jobs that will become redundant in the future are the routine-based roles such as data entry clerks, accounting and payroll clerks.

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