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Lack of robust IT security system responsible for increasing cyberattacks, says Netrika Consulting

September 12, 2018
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According to the survey conducted by Netrika Consulting, lack of robust IT security system in organisations is the key reason behind increased rate of cyberattacks.

The survey was conducted among 1,800 respondents coming from a range of industries such as manufacturing, BFSI, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, NBFC and IT/ITES.

Of the total companies surveyed, 65 per cent of the companies did not have a dedicated department to manage network security.

As per the survey, only 18 per cent organisations have a dedicated IT team with more than 25 employees. Another 18 per cent organisations have just one or three employees in their IT team.

The report highlighted that 62 per cent participant organisations fell victim to IT breaches like virus attack, malware, phishing, ransom ware. Further, only 32 per cent of the organisations claimed to not have witnessed any breach in the past 12 months.

The report also pointed out the lack of regular monitoring of security systems on the part of Indian companies.

Also, of all the companies surveyed only 44 per cent claimed to have conducted IT security audit in last six months in their respective organisations. On the other hand, 56 per cent companies said that they had not conducted any IT security audit in the last six months.

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