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Manoj Kumar Pansari, Chairman and Managing Director, Astrum Holdings Limited

September 03, 2018
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Manoj Kumar Pansari comes from a family of entrepreneurs and developed an entrepreneurial bent of mind at a very young age. A commerce graduate, he worked with multiple start-ups before founding Astrum Holdings Limited in 2008. As the chairman and managing director of Astrum, he strives to remain true to the company’s vision - to think smart and challenge the norm by creating exceptional products. Astrum is involved in the manufacturing of telecom and IT peripherals and has a widespread presence in over 40 countries globally.

Pansari is excited about the positive changes that are taking place not only in the company and with the brand, but across the marketplace. “The markets globally are growing by the day, and more so in India. We are excited at the growth of the Indian market. The majority of our energies and resources are now focused in India, to the extent that we are in the process of establishing our first manufacturing facility outside of China in India.” He further points out that the sheer size and demographics of the Indian population have made it a formidable market within the telecom landscape. “Going forward, I foresee the Indian market consolidating and going from strength to strength,” he says.

Besides charting the company’s growth path, Pansari is focusing on driving his team across the company’s multiple subsidiaries. He derives strength from his team, which has put in many years of hard work to take the brand to its current position. “I like to use my knowledge, skills and proficiency in making the best use of people’s potential,” he says.

Looking back, Pansari believes that his eight-year journey of building Astrum is one of his most memorable experiences. “It has been a rollercoaster ride thus far, but a very exciting one. Today, Astrum has become a brand to reckon with in the telecom accessories business. Having said that, we still have a long distance to cover to make this dream a reality and we are confident that we will reach there soon.”

For Pansari, spare time is a luxury. “With so much to do and so little time, I am always on the move. Whenever I do get some spare time, I try to give back to society through various CSR initiatives,” he says. He also likes reading books, travelling and listening to music. Pansari comes from a large joint family. “We are a very closely knit family, whose stand by one another,” he says.

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