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Tata Tele Business Services brings industry first offerings - Ultra Lola and SLA

August 22, 2018
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Technological prowess in the financial trading market is moving to the next level wherein automated computer programs decide on the execution of a trade based on certain pre-defined instructions. Institutional stock trading firms are working towards processing their financial transaction in real time basis with virtually zero latency, to gain the most from market data and processing of that information. For ages, the most important prerequisites for stock exchange have been high speed seamless network or internet with zero or minimal latency.

This necessitates a robust low latency telecom infrastructure that can help meet the above objective. Keeping the above requirements in mind Tata Teleservices Business Services (TBS) has especially designed a low latency solution called Ultra LOLA, for the institutional stock traders to help them execute transactions at unmatchable speed. Ultra LOLA solution provides robust low latency telecom infrastructure to traders, helping them process market data in real time basis, in an error free manner and with virtually zero latency.

Ultra LOLA is a fresh approach to network design with the objective of curtailing network latency at each stage of workflow. Its key features are –

  • The solution provides faster connectivity between National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), with the shortest available distance possible in Tata Tele Business Services fiber path to handle traffic
  • It is redesigning of the network solution through replacement of traditional Ethernet over SDH (EoSDH) with specialized low latency switches
  • This solution provides no interim network elements between the switches at both ends, so as to minimize processing delays
  • The solution optimizes the latency from 10,000 micro seconds to 400 micro second which is 25 times faster connectivity than the conventional network speed.

Low latency solution backed by a SLA based service offers an appealing business proposition to the trading community in India.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) is an agreed upon measure of the average response and resolution times that the telecom operators provide to their customers. It is an optimum

level of service where if the service provided is not optimal, the organisation offers compensations to their customers. Tata Teleservices Business Services offers its customers 99.5% guaranteed service availability/uptime. In case of any non-compliance to provide a committed level of service, the customer will be provided with service credits as mentioned below:

  • For performance between 99.0% and 99.5% - service credit of 1 day rental
  • Between 98.5% and 99.0% - 2 days rental
  • Between 97.5% and 98.5% - 3 days rental
  • Below 97.5% - 4 days rental

Tata Tele Business Services keep doing innovations in products and services to help its customers in their business endeavours. The targeted business segments are - small, medium and large enterprise across all business verticals. The company is the first Indian enterprise service provider to introduce SLA on wireline voice services (PRI/SIP) in India. Globally service providers have been offering SLA on Voice Services, however in India we will be the first. In India, telecom service providers do offer an SLA but only on wireline data services. Tata Tele Business Services is the only Telco to provide these innovative offerings, designed to deliver seamless network access, better operational efficiency, enhanced customer experience, and effective management of assets and workforce.  The two new offerings are in line with the customer centric approach that the company has displayed over the years, and will further strengthen and consolidate its leadership position in the Indian enterprise space.

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