Cybage appoints Walter Mastelinck on its Board of Directors

Company Wire , July 06, 2018

Cybage has appointed Walter Mastelinck to its newly-formed Board of Directors. Cybage is a leading global technology consulting organisation specialising in outsourced product engineering services. In his role at Cybage, Walter will reinforce company’s vision, strategic direction, and achievement of the business goals.

A serial entrepreneur, Walter has built several successful and scalable businesses throughout his career spanning more than 25 years. He founded Transics in 1991 and was its chief executive officer (CEO) for more than two decades till the end of 2016. Since the end of his tenure at Transics, Walter has guided several high-potential ventures from an early stage, nurturing them into respectable and domain-leading organisations. He is currently involved with two medtech start-ups- Molecubes and Epilog. He is also the co-founder, investor, and Director at WATT Factory and is also currently serving as the Co-owner and CEO of Creaplan.

Speaking on the appointment, Arun Nathani, Managing Director and CEO of Cybage, said, “Walter has a highly successful track record of building great companies and taking them to market leadership positions. Having such a veteran industry leader with extensive, hands-on expertise in the various aspects of business operations as part of its Board of Directors is an important milestone for Cybage. The rich entrepreneurial experience that Walter brings to the table will help Cybage consolidate its position as a domain-leading organisation, whilst keeping its core culture of entrepreneurship alive.”

Walter Mastelinck added, “Incremental disruption through continuous innovation – that is what I feel any organisation, regardless of its size, should always aspire to. On that front, Cybage has an impressive track record. It has grown exponentially over the years and has emerged as a market leader in the hi-tech product engineering and outsourcing domain, and has still kept up with the constantly-changing technological landscape with several innovations of its own. I am also impressed by the vision of the senior leadership at Cybage, and look forward to working with this talented and driven team.”


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