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ACT Fibernet increases internet speed in Bengaluru

April 18, 2018
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ACT Fibernet has increased FUP data limits and internet speed for all its broadband plans in Bengaluru. ACT Fibernet has combined the upload FUP and download FUP limits into one monthly data limit which will now allow customers to consume data on uploads or downloads as per their needs and usage.

ACT Fibernet has upgraded its ACT Swift plan to 100 GB FUP limit with 15 Mbps speed, ACT Rapid Plus has been upgraded to 200 GB FUP limit with 50 Mbps speed. Similarly, ACT Blaze has been upgraded to 280 GB FUP limit to 75 Mbps speed, ACT Entertainment has been upgraded to 320 GB FUP limit with 75 Mbps speed, ACT Storm has been upgraded to 350 GB FUP limit with 100 Mbps speed. ACT Lightning has been upgraded to 500 GB FUP limit to 125 Mbps speed, ACT Incredible has been upgraded to 800 GB FUP limit with 150 Mbps speed, ACT Essential has been upgraded to 1100 GB FUP limit with 150 Mbps speed, ACT Advance has been upgraded to 1500 GB FUP limit with 150 Mbps speed, ACT Progress with 2000 GB FUP limit with 150 Mbps speed and ACT Giga has been upgraded to 2500 GB FUP limit with 1Gbps speed.

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