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Google working with Indian companies to integrate it’s voice assistant in their products and services

April 11, 2018
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Google is in talks with a number of companies in India to integrate its voice assistant with consumer durable products such as air-conditioners, fans and light switches. The company is also working with some telecom operators in order to enable their subscribers to use voice commands to find out details of their bills and monthly plans.

Google has started selling its Home assistant, Google Home in India and the importance of the Indian market was underlined by the planned introduction of Hindi for the product later this year.

According to the company, it is going to be collaborating with more and more with local Indian manufacturers for a lot of smart home devices. A lot of appliances and devices in the home can be voice controlled. While interest from Indian and global companies are increasing to serve the Indian market, their availability is still a year or so away. Once the products are ready, voice integration will be able to be done via application programming interfaces in less than a week.

Google has recently brought the Action on Google (AoG) platform to India, which can be used by telecom operators to build and offer voice-based support services such as outstanding bills and monthly plan usage.

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