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DEN to provide high-speed internet services in 100 towns and cities through its cable TV network

April 03, 2018
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Multi-system-operator (MSO), DEN Networks has decided to use its existing fibre-cable infrastructure for the provision of high-speed internet service to its cable TV subscribers. According to DEN, the low-capital expenditure model will be rolled out next week in 100 cities and towns across 11 states over the next 12 months. DEN already offers digital cable service in all of these towns and cities.

DENs expansion plan is in sync with the massive growth in the internet consumption in the country. Moreover, the rise in data consumption has not been matched by a corresponding increase in the speed of connection.

DEN intends to tap this untapped, high-potential market by capitalising on its existing cable TV infrastructure and providing hi-speed fixed broadband internet. With speeds up to 1Gbps at affordable prices, DEN Broadband will cater to the future needs of the internet while penetrating further into the untapped markets. Currently, about 6 per cent Indian households have a fixed broadband connection in a market of 284 million households, while most leading developed nations have a market penetration of above 70 per cent.

DEN has an edge as its fiber cable infrastructure is already present across 13 major Indian states with a reach of over 13 million subscribers’ homes. DEN plans to roll out through a franchisee model, which will leverage its strength as a leading national MSO with an established on-ground Cable LMO network to usher in a broadband revolution in the entire country. Its 14,000 plus LMO network would use its technology while adhering to the operational standards set by DEN. Being the franchisor, DEN will bill the subscribers directly and collect tariffs from them directly. The franchisee would get paid based on their agreement and size of their investment.

DENs fixed broadband infrastructure is being built using a mix of GPON/FTTX and Metro Ethernet technologies enabling download speeds from 20 Mbps to 1 Gbps.  It estimates a capex investment of not more than Rs 1 billion over the next 3 years. This expansion plan is targeted towards 100 cities across states where DEN has a strong foothold such as UP, Karnataka, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand amongst others, thereby strengthening its existing customer base further.

Commenting on the launch, S.N. Sharma, chief executive officer, DEN Networks said, “This is a game changing moment not just for DEN but also for the Internet users in the country. Our hard work and investment in transforming our co-axcable trunk routes into fiber optics will now yield tangible results. For DEN it will mean a minimum investment whereas for our users it will mean best in class internet speed.”

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