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Harsha Solanki: Managing Director, India, Infobip

January 18, 2018
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Harsha Solanki started her career with a start-up in the application-to-person (A2P) messaging space in a sales and marketing role in 2005. “As I continued my career in the messaging market, my passion to learn spurred me to progress to the position of country head at Bsmart Tech, where I was at the helm of business development, sales and marketing,” she recounts. She joined Infobip in 2017 as managing director of the company’s India operations, and is now spearheading its growth in the region.

Solanki says that India has proven that it is a mature market when it comes to A2P messaging. “The industry has shown a steady growth of around 22 per cent year on year and the current market size is approximately 14 billion messages per month. This has been a major opportunity for Infobip, which now delivers 30 per cent of this traffic.”

Infobip has been working with one of India’s largest mobile operators to integrate its communications platform with the latter’s network. “We have provided the operator with a one-stop portfolio of messaging services that it can deliver to its customers. The scale of the project, coordination with various business departments, strict deadlines and, above all, high expectations both internally and from the operator make it the most challenging but also the most rewarding type of project for me,” she says.

Solanki feels that her core strength is her extensive knowledge of the A2P messaging domain, of which she has been a part of since the beginning of her career. Speaking of her management style, she says, “As MD, what I consider the most important aspects of my role are leading, motivating and inspiring people to perform. I set high expectations but in doing so, I also walk the walk, to demonstrate the standards that I expect.”

Solanki holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Pune University and a master’s in business management (telecom and IT) from the Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies.

Solanki is an avid traveller and gets plenty of opportunity to do so, “one of the perks of working in a global company with European headquarters,” she says. She also loves socialising and spending weekends with her family. “My father is a retired army officer, my mother is a quintessential homemaker, my brother works as regional people operations manager at Infobip, and my husband is an officer in the Indian Army. Our adorable German shepherd gives us all the weekend exercise we need,” she says fondly.

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