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Indian mobile users demand better battery capacity for their phones, says MoMagic Technologies

October 27, 2017
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According to a report by MoMagic Technologies, a significant 44 per cent of the people surveyed by the company have stated that there was a need of better battery capacity in their mobile phones. This highlights that most of the mobile phones in the market including several flagship phones are still unable to tackle this key issue.

The report pointed that many customers have started using 4G-enabled phones because of reduced data prices and cheap prices of 4G phones. Out of the total people surveyed for the report, 56 per cent of the respondents were using 4G phones followed by 3G at 34 per cent and with 7 per cent using 2G.

Speaking on the findings of the report, Arun Gupta, Founder & CEO of MoMagic Technologies said, “4G mobile internet penetration in India is happening at a rapid pace and at very low price points customers can experience 4G speeds. This has led to faster adoption of customers to shift to shopping on ecommerce apps through mobile phones and this trend will continue to go up.”

Moreover, as Indian buyers get technologically savvy, branding of mobile processors has started to play key role in consumers’ buying decision. When purchasing a phone, 46 per cent pay attention to a processor brand while 21 per cent reckon phone design and camera quality and only 12 per cent pay attention to screen quality of a smartphone. The survey also indicated that in spite of low mobile data cost, 41 per cent of the respondents limit data themselves and 28 per cent neither limit nor monitor data usage.

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