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Telangana Government unveils policies on IoT and e-waste management

October 11, 2017

The Telangana government has announced a policy on Internet of Things (IoT) and another policy on e-waste management. It is learnt that the two policies are in addition to the eight policies announced earlier in the Information and Communications Technology sector.

The policy on IoT speaks of the state government's intent to develop infrastructure, promote start-ups, to enable a skilled workforce through partnerships with renowned industry bodies, academic institutions and leading tech firms. The salient features of the policy include a plan to set up a customs facilitation cell so that importing and exporting of goods becomes easier.

In addition to providing necessary regulatory support to enterprises and organisations developing innovative smart technology solutions, the government plans to designate zones across five different cities in the state for bringing out solutions across various focus areas. Moreover, T-Works which is a hardware prototyping centre is being set up by the state government that includes facilities to prototype IoT technology.

The other new policy on e-waste management will be focussed to create an aware society which plays an active role in managing e-waste and assist the highly unsafe unorganised sector transition into the organised sector. According to the Telangana government, e-Waste generation in India is rising at an alarming annual rate of 25 per cent, with Hyderabad currently recording 25,000 MT per annum and becoming the 6th largest generator in the country.


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