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Oracle launches the Oracle Live Experience Cloud to transform customer engagements

October 04, 2017
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Oracle has announced Oracle Live Experience Cloud, a customer engagement service for the mobile generation. With the mobile and digital landscape shaping the way customers interact with businesses, companies must quickly adapt to changing expectations to deliver frictionless, real-time, contextual experiences across channels. With Oracle Live Experience Cloud, users can address these new requirements and bring a new dimension to their mobile and business applications by being able to serve customers in the way that best meets their needs, be it HD voice, HD video, screen sharing, and annotations.

As such, businesses will have the ability to quickly resolve customer issues, drive greater customer loyalty, and increase satisfaction by engaging users on the right channel at the right time. Agents will also be empowered to deliver better customer experiences by having access to contextual customer data and insights, cutting call times and limiting customer frustration.

Doug Suriano, senior vice president, general manager, Oracle Communications said, “Nothing is more aggravating than dealing with a call center or service desk where you are stuck in a long, dehumanized loop of menu options with a slow resolution. With Oracle Live Experience Cloud, businesses can eliminate customer friction points by harnessing the power of contextual communications and real-time engagement capabilities to offer a personalized and highly interactive digital experience that builds customer loyalty and improves business outcomes.”

Features of Oracle Live Experience Cloud:

• Real time communication capabilities - HD voice, HD video, screen sharing, annotating

• In application channels and mobile controls

• Rules based contextual  routing for all channels

• Escalate from chat bot to live assistance

• Customer context

• Real-time recording, search and playback

• Integrated Analytics

• Pre-built API integrations for key CRM systems

• Modern desktop agent experience

• Design personalized engagement scenarios based on context, history and business priorities

• Insights on individual and overall service team performance, engagement success KPIs, with supervisor and administrator views.

• Encryption and Bring Your Own Key capabilities Elastic network, compute, and storage resources optimized at all layers for real time communication service



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