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Anritsu introduces the UFX option to its VectorStar VNAs

July 31, 2017
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Anritsu has introduced the Universal Fixture Extraction (UFX) option for its VectorStar vector network analysers (VNAs) to provide enhanced signal integrity. The UFX option has been developed to address the design challenges associated with the high frequency and high data rate requirements of 4G and emerging 5G systems, as well as backhaul networks and data centres. It will provide engineers with an increased range of on-wafer and fixture calibration choices, even when a full set of calibration standards is not available.

In general, in environments where a complete set of calibration standards is not available, the traditional method is to assume that both paths of the fixture are perfectly symmetrical and match perfectly. Since this is uncommon, using previous techniques results in substantial de-embedding errors. To this end, the UFX option provides advanced de-embedding tools, allowing engineers to incrementally add calibration standards and characteristic data as they become available for improved fixture extraction accuracy. The UFX also features unique analysis tools so that engineers can evaluate designs more accurately and efficiently.

According to the company, VectorStar VNAs configured with the UFX option speed up the time-to-market by enhancing model accuracy through improved test fixture de-embedding, thereby improving first-time yields. It also gives engineers the ability to develop high speed data throughput products with competitive advantages. A sequential peeling feature has also been included in the UFX, which aids in analysing isolated defects within the test fixture.

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