Amandeep Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Spice Mobiles

People , July 02, 2015

A chartered accountant by profession, Amandeep Singh, chief executive officer, Spice Mobiles, is revelling in his current role. “One of the most exciting aspects of my current job is that it gives me the power to change lives with technology. Every day is a new day in the mobile industry, wherein continuous improvements and new technologies are radically redefining the segment. This motivates us to keep innovating and introducing revolutionary products for our customers,” he says.

Singh has his ear to the ground to make sure that the company’s products are aligned with the evolving requirements of consumers. Going forward, he believes that the devices market will continue to witness continuous disruption through the launch of new and innovative technologies like virtual reality and wearable devices. This will be in addition to evolutionary changes like faster processors, sleeker handsets, better cameras and wider screens. Meanwhile, at the software end, he foresees the development of new operating systems that will further enhance the user experience. There will also be a lot of activity in the affordable smartphone segment, which caters to the large feature phone market that is looking to upgrade to smartphones.

Spice Mobiles is geared up to meet the challenges of the dynamic Indian handset market. “With the increase in the number of domestic players, there is tough competition in the smartphone market across various price points and technology segments. In such a scenario, our focus is on introducing a wide range of affordable smartphones to cater to the large number of potential feature phone users who are looking to upgrade to smartphones. We are eyeing the sub-Rs 4,000 segment of entry-level smartphones,” says Singh, adding, “Spice Mobiles is also increasing its distribution network across the country to reach a wider segment of consumers. We are targeting consumers in Tier II and Tier III cities through marketing and branding campaigns.”

As a leader, Singh follows a hands-on and open approach in his work and is receptive to new ideas about upcoming products and strategies. He believes in a transparent and collaborative work environment and in empowering his team members to make quick decisions.

In his spare time, Singh enjoys watching movies and going on long drives with his family. He also takes time out on weekends to visit historical monuments and botanical gardens in and around Delhi along with his parents, wife and twin daughters.


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