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Process Enabler: Nino Bambino benefits from telecom and IT solutions

December 31, 2013
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A first-generation entrepreneurial venture by Vickram Kumar, Nino Bambino manufactures organic clothing for children. The company has a manufacturing unit at Noida, and has several retail outlets and an online presence.

Aiming to carve a niche for itself in the competitive retail space, the company recognised the potential of telecom as a strategic business tool at an early stage. Interestingly, being an IT-savvy individual, Kumar recognises the benefits that can be derived from telecom and IT tools in streamlining the company’s day-to-day operations as well as enhancing employees’ productivity.

Kumar has focused on building a strong telecom network to facilitate  information flow within the organisation as well as with raw material suppliers, retailers, distributors and buyers.

tele.net takes a look at the manufacturing company’s communications set-up to examine how it is leveraging technology to increase efficiency and reduce costs…

 Existing infrastructure

According to Kumar, Nino Bambino is using a wide area network for meeting its connectivity requirements. It leverages the services of Bharti Airtel, which offers ISDN lines to the company’s office, manufacturing unit and warehouse. It uses broadband and email as the primary modes of communication for employees, designers and vendors.  The company’s employees use laptops and desktops at their workstations.

According to Kumar, Nino Bambino aims to have a strong offline and online presence to make an impact in the niche but upcoming organic clothing segment. On the online front, the company has partnered with e-commerce sites including flipkart.com and yeti.com, and has launched its own website, which catalogues its latest products.

Talking about the communication channels used with its partners, Kumar says, “For our resellers, we have created an online virtual office, where they provide us all the orders for the day. We capture and despatch orders based on the form that is available online. In addition, we have an inventory management system (IMS), which manages and tracks the company’s stock and the product supplies that are running low.”

Further, the IMS helps managers track the number of items despatched to wholesalers and retailers. Employees managing the company’s warehouse pass on the data and information to Kumar and the shipping department on a daily basis.

Nino Bambino places emphasis on securing its database from internal and external threats. It has secured its network through password protection and by installing firewalls sourced from multiple vendors. The internal IT team regularly reviews and updates all security software, that is, malware software placed on users’ desktops and laptops. For securing online transactions, Nino Bambino has tied up with a leading financial online payment security firm, which provides it software that protects users’ credit card information. To ensure data security, the company disallows its employees from using external devices such as dongles and pen drives.

Nino Bambino has also set up a strong server network to ensure that all computing devices run 24X7 and has a strong power back-up system to ensure that the company’s manufacturing unit is well equipped to run in as many shifts as required to meet the increase in orders.

 Benefits and the way forward

Going forward, Nino Bambino plans to upgrade its warehouse management system, which would ensure better collection, compilation and reporting of each data point entered in the system. “We wish to add new functionalities in the system which would help us collect instant feedback from our channel partners and get to know what is selling well and what is not selling well. So, the company will be working towards an integrated system which would encompass customer points and retailers,” says Kumar. Nino Bambino plans to implement the system in the next three to six months.

In addition, on the production side, the company intends to pursue computer- supported pattern making and designing. This would help the company create patterns electronically, and reduce cost and time in physically designing and redesigning the patterns. Further, with a growing employee base, Nino Bambino may expand its telecom network by setting up a virtual private network, which would provide faster and more reliable connectivity.

In all, Nino Bambino is geared up to upgrade its telecom network to keep pace with competition.

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