Huawei launches MicroDC solution

Product Launches , October 25, 2013

Huawei has launched the Micro DC solution, an integrated micro data center that incorporates power supply/distribution devices, cabinets, heat dissipation modules, network devices, servers, security devices, cloud operating systems (OSs), and integrated management software.

This solution centrally monitors and manages ambient environment of equipment rooms and IT infrastructure. It is a convergent solution targeting small and medium businesses and branches of large-sized enterprises. This solution helps SMEs to rapidly launch services by pre-integrating devices into a cabinet and helps branches of large-sized groups implement unified IT system planning and management.

Key Features:

Built to suit various scenarios:

The Huawei MicroDC solution pre-installs temperature, humidity, and smoke sensors, cameras, and scalable arms to suit various application scenarios. This solution also integrates the Huawei-developed Shared Service Management Center (SSMC), which centrally reports alarms and other data to allow the group headquarters to perform unified management and remote O&M.

Rapid deployment, unified management:

The MicroDC solution allows for standardisation in IT equipment across branches of organizations, making access and management a simplified task. This solution can be programmed to operate properly even when left unattended; with a centralised management, thereby reducing operating costs by 30 per cent. The solution comes pre-installed through the engine room with IT facilities and a local deployment wizard.




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