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Usage and performance are the two top priorities for Indian mobile internet users: Tekelec

February 13, 2013
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As per a report commissioned by Tekelec, for mobile Indian mobile internet users, the two top priorities are usage and performance. The report titled, “Mobile Broadband Pricing and Bundling ­ the Voice of the Consumer,” has been compiled by Signals Research Group.

As per the report, usage-based pricing and paying for specific applications stand out as the preferred pricing concept globally. Family sharing is the preferred pricing model in South Korea and the model ranks seventh in the United States. Security (remote lock/remote wipe), web browsing, and e-mail stand are preferred as bundled by subscribers across the world.

As per the research firm, India, Brazil and South Korea are more consumer/entertainment oriented than the UK and the US. Top ranked internet-enabled services in Asia and South America are video and VoIP. Usage is the top-ranked pricing concept in three of the five countries (India, UK, and US). It is the second ranked pricing concept in South Korea. Moreover, specific application is never the top concept, but is in the top three in every country except for India. It is the number two concept in Brazil and the UK and on a composite basis.

Turbo Button is the bottom-ranked concept in every country, on a composite basis. Casual Usage is in the bottom three in every country except for South Korea. The remaining concepts, comprising of performance, family sharing, and free access are interesting because they rank very differently by country. Performance is the top ranked concept in Brazil and is the second most popular concept in India. On a composite basis, it ranks third in the UK.

Family sharing is perhaps the most widely variable. It is the top concept in South Korea. It is ranked second in the United States, where family data plans have recently been launched by the top two mobile operators. Family sharing, interestingly, ranks next to last in the markets like UK and Brazil. The US and the UK differ significantly in the types of plans available to data users.

Email as a preferred service ranks highly is some countries (it is the most preferred service in the US and ranked number two in the UK). It ranks moderately well in Brazil and India and poorly in South Korea. Email is very highly correlated with web browsing. People who value one tend to value the other. Both are productivity applications.

Video (TV and movies) and VoIP both rank highly in Brazil, India, and South Korea. As service bundles, sports and games are ranked ninth and tenth. As per the research report the UK and the US are more productivity oriented in their overall preferences than Brazil, India, and South Korea.

India is the most enthusiastic country when it comes to purchasing specific bundles of services. Brazil is a close second. Both countries are enthusiastic about other pricing models as well. The report concludes that this phenomenon indicates that each culture is open to shopping for mobile broadband data deals and to purchasing services in non-traditional ways.

To read the complete Survey Report, click here


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