Vodafone India releases Footprints II

Green Corner , January 15, 2013

Vodafone India has released Footprints II, the second edition of its sustainability report.

The report was launched by Kapil Sibal, Minister for Communications and IT and reinforces that sustainability is the key cornerstone of the operator's business strategy and commitment to India.

The sustainability report chronicles Vodafone India's initiatives in five categories, pursuits, people, products, processes and partnerships. Key initiatives include:

Pursuits: Through initiatives like ReSolve, Fast Forward, Green Building and Networks, the operator has focused on waste management, green buildings and efficient data centres for creating a green network.

People: People are at the center of Vodafone's sustainability strategy. The company invests in their training and development and strives to build a safe and conducive work environment for them. The key areas covered under this strategy are health safety and wellbeing, streamlining the human resource function and talent management.

Products: The operator is working towards utilising its technology and expertise to develop products that can contribute to the businesses becoming more sustainable as well as to the development of the society. Whether it is smart metering or asset tracking for the enterprises or education, banking and rural entrepreneurship or digital inclusion of individuals, Vodafone is making its products a means of empowerment through initiatives like M2M Solutions, m-Education (Adult learning programme), m-Health (e-Mamta).

Processes: Whether it is empowering the company's talent pool, collaborating to enhance our supply chain, or protecting customers from breach of security, the company believes that institutionalising effective processes and implementing them is essential to sustain any positive measure. The operator focuses on processes that ensure smooth running of our operations, thereby making a difference to the value generated for our internal and external stakeholders. Effective processes have resulted in reducing e-waste footprint, fraud risk and security measurement, legal and regulatory compliance, and efficient supply chain.

Partnerships: The operator believes in fostering sustainable partnerships by collaborating with vendors and suppliers to design feasible, cost effective solutions, to associating with the non-governmental associations, This stems from its belief that 'what one can do well, two can do better'. Critical initiatives here comprise of World of Difference and the Railway Helpline.


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