JT appoints Infotech Enterprises for deploying GIS solution for FTTH rollout

Contracts & Orders , September 04, 2012

Infotech Enterprises Europe Limited, an engineering solutions company has been selected by JT, for the deployment of an integrated Geographic Information System (GIS) solution for rolling out a Fiber-To-The Home (FTTH) network in Jersey, Europe.

JT aims to replace its current copper network in Jersey with a new FTTH infrastructure by 2016. Through the FTTH network, JT will provide access to ultra-fast broadband connectivity as well as ultra-high-definition television and community-based applications to 90,000 consumers.

As part of the agreement, Infotech Enterprises will provide the means to drive operational and cost efficiencies into JT’s Next-generation network deployment program. The deployment of a single GIS inventory system will act as a key enabler for JT planners, supervisors and engineers. It will allow them to effectively plan and manage fiber and duct infrastructure, address future end-to-end provisioning, fulfillment and assurance requirements.


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