NSN and Everything Everywhere partner to create interactive, cloud-connected vending machines

Contracts & Orders , June 19, 2012

Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) has inked a partnership with UK-based Everything Everywhere.

As per the conditions of the partnership, vending machines will be linked to NSN’s “VendMe” application and installed with Everything Everywhere SIM cards.

This connectivity will permit vendors to monitor stock levels remotely and plan efficient replenishing of machines without the need to make site visits.

Vendors will also have access to new ways to engage potential customers, by sending targeted messages to those people in the vicinity of a smart vending machine, and by interacting with customers and their contacts through their social networks of choice.

Once customers are at a smart vending machine, they will not need cash to make a purchase, but can use the Near Field Communications (NFC) technology, through Orange Quick Tap from Everything Everywhere, or NFC-enabled cards.


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