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The Indian retail industry is undergoing a significant transformation, with consumers increasingly adopting the digital way of living. Enterprises in the retail space are incorporating information and ...
In the last two decades, the telecom services and passive infrastructure sectors in India have witnessed a robust growth as can be ascertained from the enhanced subscriber numbers, industry revenues and ...
3. A New World: Combining 5G and AI
Viewpoint - August 27, 2018
In today’s world, concepts that were once considered science fiction have begun to make their way into mainstream society as a result of engineering efforts and technology. While new technologies such ...
The major surge in data consumption over the past year and the increase in the number of interconnected devices have had significant implications on operator networks. The major surge in data consumption ...
5. Massive MIMO: Paving the way for 5G
Trends and Developments - August 17, 2018
Given massive multiple input multiple output’s (MIMO) ability to serve multiple users and devices while maintaining fast data rates and a consistent performance, it has emerged as a key enabler of 5G globally. Given ...
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