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February 11, 2011
One more step ahead in the making of Indian Broadband Economy…
Growing up as a kid in the ‘70s, one thing that stood out often as symbol of status for the great Indian middle-class was the famed four-wheeler Ambassador. While inside the house, the babus [Indian bureaucracy] also sought two things that were symbols of ‘having arrived’: one was the famous black rotary analogue phone and the other was the 15Amps thick wired cable for the All Electric Home. Looking back i...
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January 13, 2011
India has little choice but to auction spectrum for mobile services
Most countries have far fewer operators than India does and rarely more than 6 in any service area. With a dozen or so operators in most service areas in India, the demand for spectrum far exceeds supply.  Auctions can have their problems - e.g. speculative bidding, possibly slower roll out in less lucrative markets etc. They may be unnecessary if all demand can be met easily. But how else do we allocate sp...
November 23, 2010
India Mobile Broadband: All decked up and nowhere to go?
Between 2007-2010, the Indian government continuously delayed / postponed the BWA / 3G spectrum auctions much to the disappointment of the global telecom community. Finally it pulled it off in a flawless manner in mid 2010 when amidst severe competition, operators bid up the prices and the government literally laughed its way to the banks. In the process the BWA aspirants  paid more than a king’s ransom t...
January 01, 2011
We will do well not to be carried away by the pursuit of the guilty
In recent months, the media has exposed serious misdemeanour in the ministry of communications.  This has taken the sheen off the success story that is India’s telecom sector. Ever since the government of India decided to induct private players in the sector, politicians and bureaucrats have taken several decisions that have seemed irrational and partisan to experts and analysts.  It is important...
January 07, 2011
The year gone by and expectations from the new year
One of the major highlights during the year 2010 was the successful completion of auction for 3G and BWA spectrum. We believe that 3G auction would be a game changer for the Indian telecom market. It would help enhance mobile penetration in the hinterlands which is very essential for bringing the real Bharat into the mainstream. Various initiatives undertaken by the government to enhance financial inclusion will...
December 15, 2010
The industry needs to move on
The series of controversies associated with the 2G spectrum scam is all the news that is seen, heard or read these days. The media outrage and analysts’ comments go to show that all is not well with the politics-business nexus. Naturally, the telecom sector is hugely impacted, not so much in terms of growth but in terms of losing face. The continuing duel between the two technology camps is only vitiating the...
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