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October 16, 2013
SmartIVR: Reinventing the Enterprise IVR releases new UI and design
SmartIVR, the popular enterprise IVR solution by Knowlarity Communications has something brewing up behind the scene, released in a private beta the product is getting a complete makeover starting from enhanced Search capabilities to an amazing new look and feel. The revamped UI makes SmartIVR accessible to even those with no technical knowledge to get a supercharged way to manage entire call management making it a breeze to use.
Some of the features that catches immediate attention once you see the new SmartIVR are:
Analytics Dashboard
The new Analytics Dashboard gives you all the data that you need on the go, a glance tell you all that you want to know about the usage. It’s an essential feature for Call Admins who want to understand patterns and implement the same in forthcoming strategy. It also shows how much effort the Knowlarity’s DesignLab has put in to make difficult graph analytics so elegant and simple.
Completely Revamped UI
The sidebar panel gives you more working space on screen, consolidated design incorporates some very fine design aesthetics making usability very easy even for the first time user. It also makes navigation easy when you want to access old archives and want to look at previous campaigns straight from the current page.
TypeAhead Search
Technology has spoiled us and search is something we expect to be fast and suggestive, with the new enhanced search capabilities, SmartIVR packs a heavy feature in very simple package. We tried search and compared indexing in previous version, and found out not only it works better but also increase search performance by 200%. If you are using bulk campaigns then this is the feature you will love the most.
SmartIVR rolls out of beta this week and will be released for public use, we reached out and asked Bipul Parua (CTO, Knowlarity) about the upcoming release, he said “We have been putting constant effort to bring powerful complex technology to be presented to our user in a very simple and intuitive way. A lot of thought was given on how our users engage with the product and this is the result of our DesignLab following key user behavior and features that enterprises wanted to see. We are focusing more on usability and increasingly building our product to be more customer centric with international design standards”. Well it seems the effort is paying off and we see few customers who were part of private beta already raving about the new SmartIVR design.

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